EasyRew is the online persona of Richard/Rich/Ricky/Rick/Dickie Rew (now you see why EasyRew is just easier!). When he grows up he wants to be able to standardise on just one name.

He was formerly a full-time professional Web Developer, and voluntary Christian Youth Leader in Milton Keynes; but he is now a full-time Student studying for a degree in Youth and Community Work and Applied Theology at the Centre for Youth Ministry.

He has been involved in Youth Work for 15 years, but has only in the last four years come to realise the difference between Youth Work and Youth Ministry. His biggest failing is an unhealthy obsession with t-shirts.

EasyRew has been variously described as:

  • Balding
  • Cuddly
  • Lovely [thanks mum!]
  • PowerPoint guru
  • Gifted teacher
  • Awesome [twice in one week!]
  • Girlie on the inside
  • A fat knacker
  • Addicted to Threadless
  • Preacher man
  • “teacher, uncle, friend”
  • “our special brother in Christ”

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EasyRew: Brain-free since ’73…

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