Mind The Gap

For your protection It was only a matter of time before the Health & Safety brigade intervened at the Tate Modern. Although I’ve not seen it myself, I’ve been fascinated by Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth at the Tate Modern.  Sadly though:

Due to a bunch of people falling into the gash (though IMHO you’d have to be trying quite hard to get anything stuck in there) they’ve now put up a safety barrier. There’s probably a deep sociological point to be made there, about people being prevented from hurting themselves on artistic points about racial schism. But I can’t summon it.

[ The photo is courtesy of Meg Pickard and Flickr – the inclusion of “wisdom” in the tags in intended ironically ]


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  1. I loved the Tate Modern. Some of my best loved outings in London were to wander the TM.

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