My name is Ricky Rew and I’m addicted to Threadless.

I’ve just completed a long overdue update to the Threadless page to add the shirts from my last three orders – another 18 shirts!!  The question I’m asked most often is “where do you get your cool/excellent/great/funny t-shirts from?”.  The answer, of course, is Threadless.  The second most popular question is “how many Threadless t-shirts do you have?”.  To be honest I didn’t know the answer – so I thought I’d count up.

The answer is a staggering 58! If you don’t believe me you can head over to the Threadless page and count them for yourself.


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  1. […] about Lent and what people will be giving up. Someone suggested that Ricky should give up wearing Threadless T-shirts for Lent – but he doesn’t think it’s possible. In the comment section please let us […]

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