It’s Official…

In the words of James Morrison, I’m not lost, just undiscovered

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Take the test for yourself.


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  1. […] am… someone who blogs randomly 😉 After reading easyrew’s recent post, I thought I would see “what kind of blogger I am!”  The results are […]

  2. So, it’s official… we are both not lost, just undiscovered!! 😉 (love that song)

    Not sure how my post got listed as a comment on your blog, is that because I added a link to your post in mine? (I thought that would have just got added as a trackback, not a comment)

    Ah well, maybe it’s because I am not an expert blogger 😉 (think the quiz was right!!) 😉

  3. I think whether it appears as a comment or a trackback depends on the template/theme you’re using.

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