250 miles, 16 days, 1 great cause…

Promo CropSimon is a founding member of my Youth Group, and soon to me joining me (along with his new Fiance) as a Youth Leader. Last year his mum, Sally, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and after surgery was ruled out she received two unsuccessful courses of chemotherapy. Sadly, during MK Camp 2006 in Folkestone, Sally died in Willen Hospice. Simon and his family were at her bedside and remember so clearly the comfort and care both Sally and the family received from the amazing staff at the Hospice [more info]. To remember the first anniversary of his mum’s death, and to raise much-needed funds for Willen Hospice, Simon resolved to undertake the long walk to Camp 2007 in St. Ives. You can read Simon’s explanation in his own words on the website he has set-up to support his walk: mkstives.org.

MK St. Ives

He set himself a target to raise £800 – and within three weeks through the generosity of family and friends he passed that target. Since then he has had to revise the target three times – and has just exceeded his latest target of £4000. He is currently just over half way and is doing an amazing job. He’s had visits from work colleagues, former school mates, and “his Nicci”, and his morale is doing ok (better than his feet at least).

Please take a moment to visit Simon’s website, join his email list to stay up to date with his adventure, pray for him, and make a donation (however small) towards the ongoing work of Willen Hospice.

MK St. Ives MontageThank you!

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