Erikson on Intimacy…

I’m currently studying for my “Learners and Learning: Individuals” module – looking particularly at identity in adolescence. It’s interesting to overlay the theories of Erikson and others to my personal development and see how well they fit. The following quote in particular struck me as I applied it to my life.

“Intimacy is the ability to fuse your identity with somebody else’s without fear that you’re going to lose something yourself.” –Erik Erikson

I had been single for quite some time, but then my “someone special” entered into my life, and we’re currently two months away from our wedding. For both of us it’s been an amazing six months so far and quite a learning curve, but I think we agree that it’s come just at the right time for both of us – perhaps because we’re now secure enough in who we are to “fuse” with someone else without fear.

Anyway, that’s enough procrastinating for one day, back to the books…


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  1. awww… bless you both! Hope the pre-wedding stress isn’t too bad. Trust me the being married bit is well worth it!

  2. Thanks for the reassurance Sarah. The pre-wedding stress isn’t too bad (for me at least – as I’m trying to concentrate on my studies too).

    Glad it’s all worth it – I really can’t wait.

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