Rules of Engagement

On the morning of Saturday 28th October, 2006, my girlfriend and I paid a visit to Stowe Landscape Gardens, near Buckingham. After wandering around the gardens and enjoying the scenery and each others company, we stopped for a rest in the West Lake Pavillion.  After some time spent taking more pictures, talking and watching the world go by, I proposed, and she said “yes”.

Saturday afternoon was mostly spent informing family, and the evening was spent entertaining our mutual friends who had introduced us (just ten weeks earlier).  Due to a lack of time on Saturday, we called into the shopping centre on Sunday after Church and ordered the ring together.


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  1. What Fabulous news and you chose a lovely setting too! I hope to see pics of the ring soon…

  2. Thanks Sarah – unfortunately the ring is likely to be about three weeks away.

  3. Congratulations! Were all very pleased for you (us in Core). Who is she, what’s her name, what does she look like, is she lovely (obviuosly yes!) tell us all the details!!!!!

  4. Thanks Louise (and everyone in Core). You can find out most of the information you’re looking for by clicking on the “enjoying the scenery” link above and clicking around a bit ;o)

  5. congrats!!!

  6. YAY!!! WOW! that is exciting!!! congratulations!!! 😀

  7. Hi Rich,

    Wow quick work, congratulations that is great news. I hope all is going well with your course.


  8. Congratulations

  9. Not so much a ‘dark horse’, as a ‘brave, young stallion’!
    Congratulations Ricky, to you, and your fiance, Tracy – soon to be Mrs Rew!
    Hope we will have the opportunity to meet Tracy at some point, and find out more about her.
    My advice, from an ‘older’ (more mature?!) married man:
    Lord Byron said: “Man’s love is of man’s life a thing apart, ‘Tis woman’s whole existence.” Or, in more modern lingo, “Love to a man is a thing apart; to a woman it is evrything.”
    Don’t forget about the ‘everything’ now, and in 20+ years time!

    Best wishes to you both
    TC – Bridgebuilding in the Kingdom

  10. congratulations ricky, great news.

  11. Blimey. She must be mental (she’s not is she?)
    It’s amazing news even if it was a little out of the blue. Hope I get to meet Tracey one day. I know you want to introduce her to me really so stop thinking like that.
    My sincerest congratulations to you both.
    Steve xxxxx

  12. Took me a while but I got there in the end – Congratulations – you don’t hang about do you!! I’m really pleased for you both – hope you’ll be very happy. Hope we’ll get photos of the big event ??!!

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