Milton Keynes Summer Camp

In about half an hour I’ll be heading off to Folkestone for our Summer Camp.  There won’t be much going on here during that time (is there ever?), but if you’re interested and have nothing better to do, you can keep an eye on what we’re doing whilst we’re away on the MK Camp website.

With the help of Flickr and a few camera phones we’ll be live blogging (moblogging?) the whole event.

Whatever you’re doing this summer, have a great time.  See you in two weeks.

PS – Following a successful interview and open day, I got offered a place at CYM/Oxford Brookes on the Youth & Community Work and Applied Theology Degree course [background].


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  1. Good to see the MK Battalion still having a summer camp.

    I went to 1989 (Isle of Wight), 1990 (Exmouth), 1991 (Newquay), 1993 (Birchington), 1994 (Isle of Wight) and 1995 (Lyme Regis)

    Hope you all had fun.

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