Early days…

The dawning of a new era deserves the creation of a new website (a bit over-dramatic – sorry). I figured I’d dispose of the old EasyRew.com website as it hadn’t been updated for years, and start a brand-spanking new one, ready for the start of my studies (more on that later). So here it is – already a little late.

Impressed yet?

Hmm – I thought not. Anyway, I’m planning to update this regularly (honest), but feel free to nag/remind me if it falls into disrepair through neglect. I plan to use the site to keep people informed of the progress with my studies, and add study-related news, quotes and useful links, and other randomness. In short – the site will be very organic – and I hope it will grow with me as I venture on the next leg of my journey.

I hope you stop by frequently and join in the conversation…

Here’s the first piece of randomness for your enjoyment:

My mid-year resolution – use less parenthesis!

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